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Let’s face it, ammunition is not cheap.

And if you’re using high quality stuff, it’s more expensive still.

If you shoot regularly, the cost adds up pretty quickly.

We all know that one person who shoots less than they want to, simply because of the cost.

Maybe that’s how it is for you.

Well, here’s the thing.

Here at Omega, we don’t think that’s okay.

We believe it’s your God-given right to shoot whenever you feel like shooting.

And not only that, but to always have the best and most reliable ammunition on hand.

So we decided to do something about it.

Imagine This:

Imagine NEVER running out of ammo.

Imagine ALWAYS having the rounds you need.

And imagine it costing you less than you’re already paying right now.

Sounds crazy, right?

Well, we’ve created something called Dollar Bullet Club, and it’s designed to give you exactly that.

Here’s how it works:

Once you’re a member, you get 20% off your ammo every month, AND if we’re sending you more than $100 in value before the discount, we’ll even pay the shipping for you!


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… there’s NO CAP on how much you can order! So if you want to spend a thousand dollars, great, we’ll give it to you for 800 bucks.


And there’s more.


This isn’t us trying to offload our second rate stuff.

This is the astonishingly high quality Omega ammunition you want.

If you’re shooting more than once or twice a month, Dollar Bullet Club is a complete no brainer for you.

Because don’t forget, every single round we produce is covered by our Meltdown Guarantee.

Which means you get a full refund if there’s any problem. And we replace the ammo at no cost to you.

And that’s great, but it gets even better.

Because if you act right now, you’ll get 35% off your first month.

Which gives you a HUGE saving on your first delivery, especially if you spend over $100 so we pay the shipping for you!

For example you can get:


And do you know the other great thing?

You can cancel your membership to Dollar Bullet Club at any time. There’s no obligation at all, and you’re completely protected by the Meltdown Guarantee:

Our Meltdown Guarantee:

We’re not like other brands. We test everything we produce so thoroughly that we have endless confidence in it. The ammunition you’re buying from other companies simply wouldn’t pass our quality control.

We use cutting edge scientific techniques to inspect everything at LEAST 27 times. And if it doesn’t pass with flying colors, we melt it down and start over.

In fact, we’re so confident, we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is,. If you choose our ammo and you suffer from a misfire – just one – let us know and we’ll replace the entire box, free of charge AND refund your cash.

How can we make a promise like that? Simple. We don’t let anything leave our facility unless we KNOW it’s going to perform. In 5 years we’ve had ZERO rounds returned for misfires. Zero.

And that guarantee means there’s absolutely no risk for you to give this a shot right now.

Here's What our customers have to say:

Colton Rhodes – Omega Ammo Shooter

So What’s The Catch?

Well, there’s no catch. This is just as straightforward as it seems.

You get 20% off everything we ship you as part of your Dollar Bullet Club membership. And if you spend over $100 a month we cover the shipping.

So there’s no catch at all.

But there is a little wrinkle.

You see, the 35% saving on your first month is just an introductory deal.

Nothing like this has ever been done in the ammunition industry before.

And quite frankly, we don’t know how long we can sustain it for.

So it could close at any time.

Which means that if you want to get 35% off your first month, you need to act NOW.

Not tomorrow. Not in 3 hours.


That’s the only way to guarantee you get such a huge saving.

Look At It This Way…

If you’re a regular shooter, you could quite easily continue the way you’ve done things for years.

You buy ammo when you need it, and then go shoot it. Sometimes it’s crappy ammo, sometimes it’s not.

You pay whatever price the market says you have to pay, and sometimes you’re happy with that, and sometimes you’re not.

And then at the end of each year, you’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on ammo, and some of it was a complete waste of your money, and also your time.

That’s how life is for most of us, right?

Well, imagine this instead:

Imagine getting next month’s ammo for more than a third less than it would usually cost you.

And then imagine getting that same ammo for 20% off the normal price every month.

And imagine it also being the finest ammunition you’ve ever used. No problems. No misfires. Endless reliability and accuracy.

And finally, imagine the whole thing being completely guaranteed. So if you get misfires or you’re unhappy, send the ammo back and we’ll refund your cash. Just check out our Meltdown Guarantee to see for yourself that there’s zero risk.

Now, let’s be honest with each other…

… doesn’t that sound a lot better than the way you’re doing it right now?

Of course it does.

This is a revolution, it’s going to completely change the way people buy their ammo.

And for being one of the first to recognize this, one of the first to join, you’re invited to sign up right now for a 35% discount off our already rock bottom prices.

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