What Is Alpha One?

Take our already groundbreaking cases and astonishing attention to detail and couple them with the finest projectiles on the planet.

Sierra, Speer, the very cream of the crop.

And that’s Alpha One. Simply the Rolls Royce of ammunition. The finest and highest quality ammo in history. In our opinion, anyway.

And if you try it and it doesn’t perform, you get your money back, no questions asked. And you can keep the ammo too.

Nobody else in the industry offers a guarantee like that, because nobody else CAN offer a guarantee like that.

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Our crafting process is second to none, and every single round goes through such rigorous testing that we only approve those that are flawless.

If you’re a serious shooter, you need Alpha One.

Endless accuracy, and the reliability you’ve been dreaming about for years.Don’t you deserve to experience the best bullets money can buy?

Take our Alpha One 9mm round for example.

It’s got 30% more stopping power than a regular 9mm, but the cartridge is only half the weight.

So you can carry more, and do more.

This is the biggest breakthrough in the ballistics industry since the 1911 platform was created.

How can it possibly be more powerful yet only half the weight?

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Our Meltdown Guarantee

You just saw how precise and demanding we are when it comes to the products we create. Our standards are so high that we reject rounds that would be approved by other brands. Most of the ammunition sitting in boxes behind the counter of your local sporting goods store wouldn’t make the cut with us.

In fact, we melt down anything that doesn’t pass our testing, and start over with it.

And that’s why we can offer you this quite frankly ridiculous guarantee.

If you get a misfire or other problem with one of our bullets, let us know and we’ll replace the entire box free of charge AND refund the money you paid for it.

Are we crazy? No. We’re confident in that guarantee because in five years and millions of rounds, we’ve never had to replace a single one due to misfire. Because of all the testing we do before the rounds even reach you.

The Omega Process


It’s not easy to create the finest and most reliable 

competition ammunition in the world.


It’s a time-consuming process.


It’s as much art as it is science and experience.