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Alpha One Precision 223 Rem 63gr SMP 20 Box

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A Varmint’s Worst Nightmare

  •  Highest quality Sierra projectile
  • Each round tested 27 times before you receive it
  • Accurate and powerful
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Product Description

A Varmint’s Worst Nightmare

This is the perfect bullet if you’re hunting small game or varmints.

When we set out to design this round, our aim was to create the best varmint and small game bullet the world has ever seen.

We don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

First of all, you’re getting a Sierra projectile from the very top of the line. The semi point design features an exposed lead tip which allows the bullet to expand faster on impact. This is what gives it the devastating stopping power you need for hunting or personal protection.

And again, we’ve coupled that best in class projectile with an excellent quality casing.

We use extremely high grade brass for our casings, each case measured and x rayed multiple times to ensure 100% perfect neck pressure before it leaves our facility. That rigorous testing process is one of the things that sets this round apart from the competition at similar prices.

Our rule is that we don’t approve anything that has even a tiny chance of failing when you pull the trigger.

And to make it even more reliable, and help keep your weapon clean, we use Hodgdon powder. We believe Hodgdon is the best powder in the world because of its even and clean burn characteristics. This creates even more accuracy, outperforming what anybody could reasonably expect from such affordable ammo.

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