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9mm Luger 124gr FMJ 50 Box

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9MM 124 Grain Full Metal Jacket

  • Generally used for personal protection.
  • A slightly heavier round for increased stopping power, so whatever you’re shooting at stays stopped.
  • Complete with our Brass casing for ease of use and reliability.



Product Description

Traditional 9mm 

For our traditional 9mm ammo, we pride ourselves in giving you premium bullets at non premium prices.
For each round we’re using an extremely high quality brass casing. The higher quality brass allows us to make sure the neck pressure is 100% perfect at every stage of manufacture.
We use the latest available technology, and each casing is weighed and checked by x ray before the projectile is hand-seated by some of the finest certified ammo loaders in the industry. 
 And our attention to detail doesn’t stop with the brass.
Each projectile itself is hand-picked for accuracy and reliability. We use projectiles that are plated with [INFO FROM GARY?] to give them near-perfect ballistic coefficiency…
… and don’t worry, if you don’t happen to have a degree in advanced physics or thermodynamics, that just means they cut through the air easier, which gives YOU more accuracy and reliability.
And on top of that, the plating also makes the bullets easier on the internal workings of your gun. Less wear and tear, less cleaning, and even more reliability.
Now, great brass and an excellent projectile might be good…
… but you’re only as strong in the weakest link in your chain, so you need high quality powder to do the other two justice.
And that’s why we’re using Hodgdon.
Hodgdon powder gives an exceptionally reliable and clean burn.
What does that mean to you?
It means that every time you pull the trigger, you get the same result. That satisfying pop, and a bullet that goes where you point it. 
Also, the clean burn means less buildup in your weapon. 

Additional Information

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