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Alpha One Precision 9mm 124gr FMJ Plus P 50 Box

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Extreme Accuracy With A True Technological Casing Breakthrough

Our new casing re-writes the rules of what you thought was possible.

  • Ultra accurate for competition shooting
  • Each round seated by hand and tested 27 times
  • High-strength casing weighs less than half what regular casings weigh



Product Description

Extreme Accuracy With A True Technological Casing Breakthrough

We’re not kidding. This is the biggest breakthrough in the world of ballistics since John Browning invented the 1911.

Our 9mm rounds come with the most advanced casing on the planet. We use a nickel-plated aluminum base mated to a stainless steel cartridge cylinder.

The result?

A casing that withstands twice the pressure as the regular brass casings you’re used to. It’s stronger and more reliable, but it’s only half the weight.


And that’s not the only benefit. It’s also not going to corrode. It’s easier on your weapon, so you’ll get less wear and tear. It’s also magnetic, which makes cleanup a cinch, and it springs back to its regular shape after firing, making it 10x more reloadable than brass cases.

Bottom line, this is the future of ammunition, and you can get it TODAY.

And when it comes to stopping power, we have the grain options you need too.


Additional Information

Weight 1.37225 lbs


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