260 140gr HPBT

260 Remington 140gr hollow Point Boat Tail
10MPH Wind

Matchking 140gr Hollow Point Boat Tail

Projectile-wise we’re giving you the best that money can buy, and the most accurate bullet on the planet – the Sierra MatchKing met with our custom Match Grade Brass Casing.
With it’s exceptionally smooth face and near-perfect aerodynamics this astonishing Sierra bullet will be well-behaved and jaw-droppingly accurate out to a thousand yards and beyond, without even breaking a sweat.
Of course there’s no point putting such a perfect bullet and casing combination together with low-quality powder, so we’re giving you the best in the world there too.
We’re using Hodgdon Hybrid 100V. This special mix of spherical powder along with an extruded propellant creates an extremely high energy powder that’s incredibly accurate and reliable over astonishing distances.
This is going to be one of the most accurate rounds you ever fire in your life.

260 Rem – Alpha One

140 Grain HPBT

Omega 20 Count