270 Win 130 gr SBT

270 Winchester 130gr Soft Boat Tail
10MPH winds

.270 Caliber 130gr Soft Boat Tail

This Amazing Round Has Astonishing Accuracy Due To An Almost Flat Flight Trajectory
Designed by Winchester in 1925 by necking down a regular .30-06 round, the .270 boasts astonishing accuracy due to an almost flat flight trajectory. Not only that but there’s a serious reduction in recoil from the standard .30-06.
The heaviness of the bullet also gives it astonishing stopping power. If you’re a hunter of medium game up to long range and you’re looking for one-shot one-kill, this is the round you need.
And in order to make sure it really is the most accurate round on the planet, we’re using Sierra to create the projectile. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 70 years, you’ll know that Sierra are the last word in reliability and accuracy.
The Spitzer shape coupled with the Boat Tail give this projectile astonishing accuracy and excellent energy retention, creating a bullet that’s both effortlessly accurate and incredibly powerful.
We use our own Match Grade brass casings that are put through at least 25 different tests before they’re approved for use. We use state of the art laser testing tools to ensure accuracy and reliability with every shot. If a single case fails even one of those tests, the entire batch is rejected and we start over.
We want you to KNOW that you’re going to get a reliable and accurate shot every time you pull the trigger. If you’ve done your job when you take a shot, we guarantee we will have done ours.
For powder, you’re again getting nothing but the very best. We’re using IMR 4320, which gives a clean, predictable burn and leads to the kind of reliable accuracy that really does let you achieve one-shot one kill.

270 Win – Alpha One

130 Grain SBT

Omega 20 Count