9MM 115gr FMJ

9MM 115gr Round Nose
Muzzel Velocity: 1,247fps

Brass Casing:

Established in 1944, T&M has a long history supplying complex & critical components to a diverse market base. Now, we are expanding into the defense market with our new line of premium ammunition components. Made in the USA, our brass casings are manufactured to meet all SAAMI specifications and to maintain the highest level of quality that our customers require.

Our projectiles:

Superior Bullets are re-struck for accuracy and precision. These bullets feature a lead core that is completely covered by copper plating. They are resized after being plated with approximately 0.004″ of copper plating. This unique design makes them suitable for most indoor ranges, which often require the use of bullets with no exposed lead. The base is slightly concave to maximize the bullet to bore seal.

Hodgdon St Marks Titegroup

As the name implies, this spherical propellant was designed for accuracy. Titegroup’s unique design provides flawless ignition, Titegroup has it all – low charge weight, burns clean, mild muzzle report and superb, uniform ballistics.

9mm Luger

115 Grain FMJ

Omega 50 Count